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Kitty Explorer Kit

Kitty Explorer Kit

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Size chart

The “Kitty Explorer Kit” comes in three sizes that would fit all sizes of cats here is the table that would help you decide which size will suit your cat


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Experience the durability, style, and joy the KittyExplorerKit brings. Unlock a world of adventure for your cat today!

Tailored Fit: Available in three sizes (Small, Medium, and Large) for a customized and comfortable fit, eliminating discomfort and allowing freedom of movement.'

Freedom to Explore: Let your cat roam while maintaining control. The KittyExplorerKit allows them to enjoy the outdoors, stimulating their senses and promoting a sense of independence.

Comfortable for Owners: The KittyExplorerKit's leash is designed with the owner's comfort in mind. Its ergonomic handle ensures a comfortable grip, preventing strain or discomfort during walks,

 Enhanced Safety: The included leash provides an extra layer of security, keeping your cat close and protected from potential hazards in unfamiliar environments


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