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The Self-Cleaning Brush

The Self-Cleaning Brush

If brushing your cat is messy, time consuming, and neither of you enjoy it - our Self-Cleaning Brush will make your life so much easier!

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The process of removing loose hairs, dander, and dust from your pet's fur is about to become a whole lot easier.

If brushing your cat or dog always:

 ❌Gets fur all over your clothes and furniture

❌Turns into a lengthy and messy process

❌Hurts your fingers and wrists

Triggers your allergy symptoms

👇Or looks like this as ... We want to help


your grooming session just got 
Waaaay easier

All the practicality, none of the hassle. No more messy, lengthy, and painful - for you and them - grooming time. Plus, our durable, comfort-grip design prevents slipping and won't strain your wrist.


With fine wire bristles that are slightly bent, our Self-Cleaning Brush is able to go deep into your pet's undercoat all while being gentle on their sensitive skin. No scratches or irritation, just a whole lot of relaxation (hey, that rhymed!)



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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Madalyn Simonis

Esmeralda is in love with her new brush as you can clearly see on the pictures. it is simple, nice design, good to brush and massage the cat. nice product! only consideration i would have, if your cat is tiny or a kitten this brush might still be a bit too big. Esmeralda is 8 pound and i wosh it would be a little bit smaller so i can get around her head more easily but i kept it as she likes it so much

Archibald Connelly

Good quality and my cats love it .

Alf Kreiger

I ordered 3 different brushes to compare and this is the one I am keeping and have ordered another one if too. The Coating on the brush metal tips is round and cover the sharp metal well. My 5 Kitties LOVED it the first time I tried it on them and are coming back to me repeatedly asking for more brushing and they are sitting like “Angels” just enjoying when I brush them. It is easy to use and remove the collected hairs. If I could add a request is would be to make the push mechanisms a little longer do the tips comes below the plate and the hairs would just slide off 100%.

Ericka White

Fine quality for this price. Very fast delivery. I can recommend this

Lindsay Effertz