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Furry Dental Care

Furry Dental Care

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Food grade plastics & Natural Rubber


We believe that every dog deserves healthy and clean teeth so,  The Furry Dental comes in two sizes that would work for all shapes and sizes of dogs

  • M: 4*5.5*2  IN
  • L: 5*7.2*2.3 IN 


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Our Furry dental care comes in three different colors that will match your pet favorite color.





How to use



keep your furry friend's teeth shining bright by using our toothbrush toy,

Designed with the frustration of pet owners everywhere in mind, it works by looking and acting just like a fun chew toy that your dog will automatically want to play with and chew, without even knowing they’re doing wonderful things to their teeth and gums!


  • This dog toothbrush can effectively clean dogs' teeth, reduce the possibility of abrasion of their teeth and keep their dental health.
  • Erichome dog toothbrush can work as a chew toy, dogs can chew it for fun, and at the same time, the stick will clean their teeth. Your pet will not refuse toothbrushes anymore.


  • Using environmentally friendly food grade bite-resistant material, it won't be easily bitten by dogs, and the service life will be longer.
  •  3D groove design and two floss grooves and high-density bumps,can surround the dog's mouth, clean the stubborn bacteria on the dog's teeth, stains, let the dog brush their teeth, saving your time to brushing your dog.
  •  With toothpaste trough design,you can put pet toothpaste in the small hole at the top, let your dog chew 3 to 5 minutes.automatically dispense toothpaste and clean the dog's teeth to keep fresh. - The soft and easy-to-clean material can be cleaned in water or under the dishwasher.
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